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A 2-hour Winter Engagement at Vintage Light Studios, Toronto

January 08, 2023


Indian couple take their engagement photos at Vintage Light Studios in winter

January in Toronto, the average temperature is around -1°C, but sometime it feels colder on a windy day. Harsimran & Harman decided to take their engagement photos in this new country during winter hoping to get some photos in the snow flurries.

Harman wanted to include a few outfits in her engagement photos, so we booked a studio at Vintage Light Studios for indoor portraits and as a place for them to change their outfits. As sunset is earlier in winter, we decided to start our photo session around 3:30 p.m. and planned to leave some extra time for the golden hour, outside the studio.

Indian bride with her traditional dress pose for engagement photo at Vintage Light Studios

Harman began with an Indian traditional dress. It was a pinkish silk dress and surprisingly the tone matched the mood and background we chose to work with. I especially like how the soft natural light fell on her skin, her hair, and the dress.

I turned on soft music to help them relax and immerse in the atmosphere. There was an antique lamp in a corner of the room and I turned it on as well. It indeed added an emotive effect to my photos.

Couple getting ready for pre-wedding photoshoot at Vintage Light Studios
Beautiful studio lighting set up for engagement session at Vintage Light Studios
Bride posing with groom for their engagement session at Vintage Light Studios

We packed our stuff and they put on a new outfit before leaving the studio. I told Harman, I would like to get us some behind the scene photos as a memory. While she was busying herself for a new look, I captured a couple of "BTS photos" of her.

Although there was no snow, we got lucky with the perfect blue hour and a clear sky. The street was quiet, only a few of passengers passed by us.

Couple poses at a brick wall for their engagement session at Toronto

I loved the moody blue sky, the serene neighbourhood, and the carefree and spontaneous shooting.

Couple enjoy themselves for engagement session at a quiet street during blue hour

I liked everything. They also were in the right mood enjoying themselves without me directing them too much.

Couple poses for their engagement photo outside of Union Station, Toronto
Couple holding each other in this cold winter night at Toronto

Another beautiful shoot with a lovely couple. With that, it got dark and we separated paths, with wishes delivered for a lovely wedding and a happy married life ahead.

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