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A Dreamy Fall Affair: James & Jane's Gender Reveal Wedding at Kedron Dells Golf Club

A fall outdoor wedding ceremony at Kedron  Dells Golf Club

In the enchanting embrace of fall's golden hues, James and Jane celebrated their love at the picturesque Kedron Dells Golf Club. With an intimate outdoor ceremony under a majestic tree, their special day was made even more memorable by the vibrant colors of the leaves. But there was an extra surprise in store for their guests—James and Jane took the opportunity to reveal the gender of their upcoming bundle of joy, adding an extra layer of joy and excitement to the celebration. As their wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing every magical moment of this heartwarming occasion.

Fall's embrace created a mesmerizing backdrop for the couple's outdoor ceremony. Under the shelter of a grand tree, James and Jane exchanged vows, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature's changing colors. The russet, amber, and crimson leaves painted a dreamy canvas for their love to shine.

Amidst the love and laughter, James and Jane decided to share an extra special moment with their loved ones. In a delightful twist, they revealed the gender of their upcoming baby, leaving their guests overjoyed with the sweet anticipation of new life and love.

Venue: Kedron Dells Golf Club


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