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A Persian Love Story: Mike & Bita's Enchanting Wedding at Ascott Parc Event Centre

The newlywed holding hand and walking down the aisle at Ascott Parc Event Centre

In the heart of Ascott Parc Event Centre, Mike and Bita's love story unfolded, embraced by the rich traditions of a Persian wedding. Before the Sofreh Aghd ceremony, the couple's love blossomed in the frames of my camera. Against the backdrop of Ascott Parc's elegance, their connection was palpable, filled with excitement for the day ahead.

The Sofreh Aghd, curated by the talented event planner Yasamin from Sofreh Aghd Toronto Banu Events, became the focal point of the celebration. Overflowing with symbolic items, the ceremony showcased the beauty of Persian heritage. Surrounded by loved ones, Mike and Bita exchanged vows, showered with blessings and love.

The aghd is the ceremony portion of the wedding in which the bride and groom sit in front of an assorted sofreh (or table) full of items that have meanings behind them. Sofreh aghd represents the symbolic and traditional union of the bride and groom. A mirror that signifies eternity, two candlesticks that signify light, nuts, and eggs for fertility, and coins for wealth and prosperity.

Afterward, the wedding party session was a time of togetherness. Laughter echoed as friends celebrated the couple's happiness, making for candid and heartwarming moments. As the night continued, the reception was alive with traditions. A lively knife dance led to the cake cutting, and the newlyweds were joyfully surrounded by their guests, celebrating the beginning of their journey together.

The Ascott Parc Event Centre was the perfect canvas for this love story, and as the night drew to a close, the memories lingered in the hearts of all present.

Venue: Ascott Parc Event Centre


Floral: Ana, Precious You


Event Planner: Yasamin, Banu Events


Music/ DJ: Joel, Desi Beatz Corporation


Cake: Ana Pastry


Video: Legnaproductions


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