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A Rustic Romance Unveiled: Jamie and Warren's Enchanting Barn Wedding at Violet Hill Farm

A fall outdoor wedding ceremony at Kedron  Dells Golf Club

Amidst the warm embrace of summer, love blossomed into a picturesque celebration at Violet Hill Farm. The story of Jamie and Warren, two souls entwined by fate, unfolded against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes and heartfelt moments. From tearful first looks to a dance beneath the soft sun's glow, their wedding day was a symphony of emotions, shared vows, and a timeless bond. Join us as we step into their world of rustic romance, captured frame by frame.

Nestled in the embrace of nature's serenity, the journey began at Brookside Cottage. Here, Jamie and her bridesmaids prepared for the day's magic. Brookside's charm set the tone, offering a panoramic view of mountains and verdant greens. Jamie's mother, the heart of the morning's preparations, weaved her love into every delicate detail, securing hairpins and memories alike. The air was charged with excitement and the camaraderie of friends as Jamie unveiled her gown to her bridesmaids. In a chorus of tears and laughter, their reactions mirrored the tender bond they shared. A moment of unity, a testament to Jamie's friendships as enduring as the love she was about to pledge.

At Violet Hill Farm, bathed in the palette of summer, their vows were exchanged in nature's cathedral. Amid the dappled sunlight and the song of leaves, Warren's anticipation was palpable. Nervous yet eager, his father's steadying presence spoke volumes of the familial bond that fortifies the heart. With each step down the aisle, Jamie's grace and poise melded seamlessly. Hand in hand with her father, she walked towards a future etched with love. Tears welled in Warren's eyes as he beheld his muse, his bride, walking towards a life they'd imagined together.

Before the sun bade farewell, Jamie and Warren embarked on a journey to a special place. Surrounded by blossoms and trees, a private sanctuary where Warren had once knelt and asked for forever. Their embrace was both a rekindling of that moment and a promise of the future, illuminated by the soft rays of the setting sun.

Venue: Violet Hill Farm


Homestay: Brookside Cottage


Catering: Absolute Catering


Floral: Moksha Flower Co.


Dress: Davids Bridal


Favours: Meraki Designs & Co.


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