I am Rui, and I grew up in a small town in Malaysia. I studied Genetics at university but later in life, I found my passion in photography.

At first, I borrowed a small digital camera from my sister and I always bring it everywhere. I always view things through the lens, I keep capturing everything and keep deleting them to free up the memory. There is no online platform to show photos, it is pure passion and passion and passion in photography. I slowly realize I enjoy seeing photos that show the natural and authentic inner feelings of people.

6 years back, I decided to step out for my dream, I want to be a photographer who captures authentic emotions and creates a lovely story in photographs.


I recently moved to Canada. Before my move, I worked as a freelance photographer providing services for Pre-wedding, Engagement, Proposal, Wedding, Corporate/ Personal Events, Maternal, Baby Shower, Family Portraits, Modelling, and Product shoots for a variety of clients from different countries.

Now, that I am in this new country, I found myself very lucky to be surrounded by so many lovely couples and people who appreciate my work and are willing to give me a chance to witness their biggest day through my lens. I am excited and looking forward to being your photographer and playing a part in your special day.

They say that when your heart starts beating crazy when you stutter and feel butterflies... it's love, and that’s exactly what a great photo makes me feel. Amazing photos are always an inspiration and something I yearn to live up to. My passion lies in photography, and I always give my best to it. I love to connect with people through my lens, capturing their subtle emotions and telling their stories through pictures.


I really appreciate the opportunities I get as your photographer to witness and share your lovely moments through my eyes and lenses.