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A back view of Ryosuke Rui.
“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind


Your stories, my story...

Being a photographer has changed my life and has fulfilled me in many ways. When I came to Canada from Malaysia, it was my very first journey to the west and living far away from home. I spent months looking for a professional job and went through a ton of rejections. This process slowly killed my confidence, and I started doubting myself. At a midnight, I suddenly woke up from sleep and I realized that I should stop relying on others. I have skills and have a strong passion for photography. Now, I am in a new country full of possibilities, I want to offer my passion to amazing people that I come across in my life.


I feel excited every day waking up and meeting lovely people who let me document the precious moments of their life. This career also teaches me to know more about myself and the world. I am so eager to learn more and become a better me. 

Working with you, I’m not just showing up with my camera and taking your perfect poses with the sunset. Anyone can do it. I want to create more than just beautiful images. I want to create an experience and a story. A story that genuinely brings you immense joy and lots of memories.

First dance of newlywed at Kimpton Saint George Hotel
The couple holding tight on each other at Studio Bon Soleil

Photographs are magical and bring us back to the most cherished moments of our lives. They become heirlooms that we pass down from generation to generation. My passion lies in creating photographs that document these moments in the most candid, artful, natural, and cinematic way.

Bridal bouquet and flower crown on the table at Studio Bon Soleil
Beautiful lighting for a backyard wedding dance floor.
Groomsmen in a line for a wedding at All Nations Full Gospel Church
Guest connected emotionally with the newlywed when they are giving speech at The Old Mill wedding.
Champagne tossing in a backyard wedding in Brampton.
Intimate wedding ceremony at Toronto Music Garden.
Sunset engagment session at Cherry Beach, Toronto


A couple poses casually for their intimate wedding at Cluny Bistro, Toronto.

Wedding Photography

Cherry Beach engagement session with a diamond ring on her finger.

Engagement Photography

Birthday cake of a 1-year-old baby girl.

Event Photography


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